Monday, March 15, 2010


  • I got the camera out to take pictures finally.
  • The first shot was with Grandpa Apel.
  • The next shot was with Grandma Apel.
  • Aunt Laura stopped by again. This time without cousin Payton.
  • Isaak took a great photo with her, but Mica was way too busy throwing a tantrum.
  • Mica was mad that Isaak moved his Bumblebee transformer. Since he wouldn't let it go, Daddy put Bumblebee in the car, and Mica went ballistic. He wouldn't sit with his Aunt Laura to get a picture. Instead I got this shot of an evil eyed boy.
  • Isaak did play a pointing game with Grandma Apel. Grandma would say names, and Isaak would point to the person. So much for, "It's not polite to point" LOL. This is how they learn.
  • Isaak also learned the song, Owie Boo Boo from Grandma Apel. She sings it with the melody from Where is Thumbkin? She taught this song to Mica when he was Isaak's age. Mica had an owie, and she just started singing it to him. For some reason it stuck. Mica sang it long after he was taught it. Isaak started singing it too. She should publish it and send it to the US Copyright Office LOL.

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