Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Off With Your Door!

  • We had a bad night! Mica slammed his bedroom door, and Isaak's fingers were in it.
  • Daddy removed Mica's door off the hinges. We've warned him a few times not to slam his door, and that it can be dangerous. Mica gets a little too over protective of his bedroom.
  • Oh...at first I thought it was going to be another hospital run. Isaak's fingers were cut, and squashed. A Mother and Father's fear! His fingers popped back into place.
  • Now we have an upset toddler that's cutting teeth and has cut fingers! He cried for a half hour. :( I held him and sang to him.
  • Mica doesn't seem to feel sorry for people when bad things happen. He just says, "Sorry" really fast and splits. We've talked to him about this, but it doesn't seem to stick. You know how some people naturally have sympathy for others, while others don't? Mica's one of those that doesn't. We're trying to work with him on this.
  • When I've gotten after Mica, and he knows I'm upset with him, he has cried. He doesn't like it when he knows I'm upset. It's not like he doesn't care at all. He's just careless when he hurts someone else. He doesn't hurt people on purpose, but when things happen on accident, Mica doesn't get that you should have empathy for them.
  • I hope Isaak's fingers will be ok. He wasn't bleeding, but I'm sure they will bruise and he'll be in pain for awhile. :(
  • We haven't talked about when Mica will get his door back.

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