Monday, April 12, 2010

I Have a Title

  • A few weeks ago I called Honda because the title I got in the mail had Daddy's middle initial on it wrong. They said that it must of been our County Treasures fault because it was right on their paper work.
  • On my day off, I went over to the DMV with Daddy's license as proof that, his name was wrong on their copy of the title. They said that they'd need to look into the matter to see if we signed something on the original paper work wrong. They were going to call us when they knew what the result was. If it was our fault we would of owed $10. I should of just paid the $10 if I knew what a pain in the butt this whole thing was going to be.
  • I had to call them because they never called me. It was hard to get the right person that knew what was going on. They said to wait to come in because their office was really busy.
  • I waited a week, and went in today. I know Monday's are not the best day to go into the DMV, but I don't teach today. I'd hate going in when I'd have class only to find out I'd be late back to work.
  • There was a line, but I got through. Of course the lady at the desk seemed clueless to my problem. She had to ask for someone's help. It got straightened out. I now have a title that has Daddy's middle initial right!
  • Side note: There was a four year old behind me that was sucking her thumb and carrying a dirty blanket. She proceeded to lay on the floor when her mom was up at the counter. I wanted to toss my cookies. I carried a blanket and sucked my fingers, but my mom didn't let us out of the house with our washed blankets at that age. Nor did she or I ever let our kids lay down on a dirty floor where people walk. YUCK!


Dee said...

oh what a pain in the rear! So glad that is done for you now!

An Apel a Day said...

Me too! :) This is when I miss living in GA where the DMV's were in the grocery store. Then I thought it was strange, now I think it's great. One family member can shop, while the other one waits in line.


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