Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dyslexic With Numbers!

  • I've always had this problem of being dyslexic with numbers.
  • Testing was always hard for me as a kid. I used to do horrible on standard testing. I did so bad on my ACT test twice that I'm too embarrassed to say what I got. I begged a councilor to take it untimed, and got slightly above average. He was amazed at the difference in my scores.
  • It took me forever to read a regular clock. In my mind as a kid...I was thinking, "What in the heck is a quarter after?" Then I decided that I didn't need to learn how to tell time when all we had at home were digital clocks, and at school they told us when to eat and go out to recess (the important things LOL). I eventually learned because one teacher found out that I didn't know how to read one. Then in Spanish I had to learn to tell time in a completely different way. I was thinking, it took me long enough to learn this in English and gave up.
  • It's crazy because in high school and college I mainly got A's.
  • Well...some of my issues with numbers have carried on into adulthood.
  • I'll have students ask me when something is due, or how big a project needs to be? Usually I respond with, "Look it up in the handout because I already had to figure that stuff out once. If you can't find it, then tell me and I'll find it in the handout for you." I've learned to do this...otherwise I've told them wrong a few times in the past because I didn't look it up. I'm thorough the first time.
  • Yesterday I did something silly. Mica had a t-ball game. One of my friends was coming to watch. Evidently I told him it started at 1 a week ago. Yesterday when he called to check I said it started at 2:15. I was messing up the time because I got Mica's line up/t-shirt number messed up with the team number. I showed up to his game early, so I thought. I really showed up at the end. Mica batted once, and we went home. I had to call my friend to not come because the game was over. :(

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