Thursday, June 10, 2010

He Got Kicked Out!

  • Earlier this week Mica and our nephew Evan tried pushing Isaak out of Evan's room.
  • The crazy thing that that Mica and Evan let our nephew Elijah into Evan's room. It's just Isaak that they wanted out.
  • Mica already got his bedroom door taken away from slamming Isaak's fingers in it. We still haven't given it back. That happened a few months ago.
  • Aunt Terra asked Evan, "Why do you and Mica let Elijah into your room and not Isaak"?
  • Evan answers, "Because Isaak's a baby, and Elijah's a big boy".
  • Terra says, "Evan...Elijah and Isaak are the same age".
  • Evan says, "Oh"????? I'm sure he was thinking, "But Mica says he's a baby".
  • I feel sorry for Isaak. Isaak plays like he's 2. Elijah thinks he's one of the big kids and plays like one.
  • Mica does play with Isaak some, but he wants him to play like Mica himself plays.

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