Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Let's Get Out of the House!

  • I got a little sick of hearing the boys running around in circles in the house!
  • Mica was pretending that there was a tornado; he was flying this Little People house around making sound effects and would crash to the ground into other toys.
  • Cousin Evan didn't want to hear Mica's silly made up stories. He kept saying, "Mica there really isn't a tornado in here!"
  • Mica's into marching, and Isaak's into jumping.
  • The boy's have really been into Melissa and Doug's Alphabet Nesting, Stacking Blocks. Mica puts them in order by saying the alphabet over and over again, then he karate chop's them to the ground over and over again.
  • Cousin Elijah and Isaak put together this Little People puzzle together over and over again that plays How Much is that Doggy in the Window. Isaak now sings the song, and dances whenever the song plays.
  • Needless to say we needed to get out of the house! Too many boy's with too many toys!
  • I would of taken pictures at the park, but it was like trying to take pictures of moving ants.
  • Cousin Evan hurt his leg somehow. He was sobbing, asking for his Mommy and Daddy, but walking just fine. Then on the way home I heard no complaints about his leg.
  • When it was time to leave the park Isaak and cousin Elijah were trying to run from me. I chased one down, put him in the stroller and moved on to chase the other one down.
  • They had fun though!

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