Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm Old!

  • Mica is notorious for jumping out of bed, sneaking down the hallway and scaring the crap out of anybody that's in the house.
  • Grandpa Spiehs likes to scare people, and so do I. I have a memory of my Dad (Grandpa Spiehs) hiding under my bed after I watched a scary movie, and popping out to scare me. We have a generation of 3 people that like to scare people. We should of all ran a Haunted House!

  • This morning I heard Mica get out of bed and went to the bathroom.
  • I snuck out of bed and hid behind the wall. He came around the corner, and I quickly popped out. I said a quick, "Hi Mica!"
  • He jumped and started crying. The crazy thing was, he didn't start crying because I scared him supposedly. He was going on and with crying and saying, "I'm old!" 
  • Daddy was saying, "Mica you are not old. Grandma and Grandpa Kent are old. You are not!" 
  • Mica kept up this old talk for about 10 minutes. He then complained about his legs hurting. Then he moved on with, "I'm so hungry. I'm so thirsty." 
  • Daddy fed him breakfast, and he gobbled it down FAST. 
  • Daddy's thinking that Mica's going through a growth spurt and is just having growing pains. 
  • He's been eating food and drinking water and milk like they are going out of style!

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