Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mica When He Was a Little Younger Then Isaak

  • Mica's on the left and Isaak's on the right.
  • They look like brothers, but there are many differences in them.
  • When Mica was Isaak's age he loved Fisher Price's Little People. Isaak really could care less about Eddie, Sarah Lynn, Micheal and Sonya Lee. Yes I know their names, that's how much Mica got into them.
  • Isaak likes stuffed animals (puppies in particular) and dolls. Mica will hold them for a few seconds then toss them aside!
  • Mica has always liked TV, when it doesn't seem to hold Isaak's attention at all. Elmo is about the only DVD Isaak will watch, and he walks away when Elmo leaves the scene.
  • Mica's pretty loud, Isaak's pretty quiet.
  • Mica is a sound effect's king, but wasn't so much at the age he's at in this photo. Isaak may get louder and more animated in the future.
  • Isaak's more of the kid that wants to do things himself. He doesn't like help. Some people could see that as stubborn, while others could see it as independent. Mica actually seems to enjoy it when people help him. He needs a little push to do things on his own.
  • They both like trains, Lego's and books.

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