Monday, September 6, 2010


  • We celebrated Daddy and Aunt Terra's birthday's yesterday. 
  • It was pretty fun!
  • I made a chocolate Lego cake, since Daddy likes to build Lego towers with the kids.
  • The raised areas are marshmallows cut in 1/2.

  • I got a photo of everyone there. I was going through the photo's and accidentally deleted the best one of one of the people there. The only other photo I have of this person was bad, he had his eye's closed. 
  • Instead of posting everyone at the event, I decided to post pictures of the kid's wrestling. When you have 5 young boy's in the family, wrestling is what you get!
Pile up of three of them.
Isaak climbing on his cousin Kailey.
    Some of the boys on Uncle Eric.
    Mica and Cousin Evan.
    They all ran around the house circle I don't know how many times.
    Winding down with story time. Compliments of Grandma Spiehs.
    I couldn't resist to posting a photo of Great Grandpa Kent. He looks so jolly.

    1 comment:

    My Wee View said...

    Love it! looks like lots of fun.

    The Lego cake is an awesome idea too:)

    Glad you had a great weekend!



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