Saturday, September 11, 2010

Isaak Peed on Mica's Homework!

  • I thought in my mind, Isaak's done really well with going potty lately!  He's been telling me when he has to go.
  • Today both boys wouldn't nap, which leads to naughty boys! Isaak was in his room for a long time just talking. Mica was grumpy, but wouldn't sleep. He is in the process of outgrowing naps. Daddy got home and took the boys outside to run. 
  • I went into the living room and stepped in a pile of pee. I looked down, and the paper I filled out with Mica for preschool was sitting in the puddle. I had it up on the coffee table, but somehow it ended up on the ground.
  • That should be interesting to ask the teachers for a new paper to fill out!
  • It will sound sort of like, "My dog ate my homework!" Only this excuse is, "My son peed on his brother's homework!" 
  • For the record I actually did have a student who showed me an art project that had bite marks in it from her dog! 
  • Her dog really did eat her homework.


My Wee View said...

Tooooo funny! Let me know what his teacher says.

I can totally see that a dog could eat homework,,, especially art.


Thanks for the laugh.


An Apel a Day said...

Update. Daddy didn't tell Mica's teacher about the potty accident. He just said that Mica's homework got destroyed by his brother, and asked if he could have a new one.

I totally would of spilled the beans.


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