Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fashion Show

  • Over the weekend I had Mica and Isaak try on their shirts. Mica's too small of shirts went in Isaak's dresser. Isaak's too small of shirts went downstairs in a bin. 
  • To get the boy's pumped for trying on clothes we tell them that we are going to have a fashion show.
  • Isaak eagerly tried on the first 5 shirts. The only problem was is that he wanted to keep them on. We had to show him the next shirt to make it fun for him. After awhile he lost interest totally, and tried running away from us.
  • Mica was a pretty good sport. He too lost interest after awhile.
  • I hate putting things in the bin downstairs. I want to put bricks on their heads to make them stay young for a little while longer. 
  • I do know that seeing them grow and change is exciting too. 
  •  My cousin came over to grab a few baby things from me. Mica's car seat is now 5 years old, so she took it to Toys R Us to get 20% off any baby item. Car seats just do not last long enough. It still looked like it was in good condition. They won't let you go home from the hospital if your car seat is over 5 years old though.
  • My cousin went through a few more things. I was glad to get rid of them, but sad too. The memories are there. The baby bathtub is gone now. I remember putting Mica in there, and he'd pee on me or himself almost every time. I didn't give up their clothing yet. My cousin doesn't know if she's having a girl or boy. 
  •  It's crazy because I want the baby stuff gone because it's taking up room. Then another part of me gets sad when I give it up. 
  • It's just because of the memories. Thinking about how cute this kid looked in this, or how that kid had so much fun with that. 

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