Monday, September 13, 2010

Motorcyclist's Please!

  • I was driving yesterday about 5 miles over the speed limit. Another car is driving right besides me at the same speed. Down the center of the two lanes a motorcyclist drives really fast between our car and the other car.
  • It really scared me! It scared Mica too! 
  • I kept thinking, "What would of happened if the guy in the other car or I scooted over towards the center more; not realizing that this crazy motorcyclist was going to drive between us?"

  • Today I was walking my typical 5 to 6 laps around the college, Golds Gym and a church during my lunch break. 
  • I follow the sidewalk. As I turn the corner to the sidewalk in font of Golds Gym there's a motorcycle in my path. I almost ran into it. It was parked right on the sidewalk as I turned the corner. 
  • I go a couple more laps, and bam the motorcycle that was there before was gone; it was replaced by another one. 
  • The curb is obviously painted red. That probably just means that they can't park at the street there. It makes it ok for them to park on the sidewalk where people walk?!?

  • I've been seeing a lot of commercials lately about how cars need to look, and look again for motorcycle's. 
  • I'm not talking about all motorcyclist's, but geez watch what you are doing too! I don't want to hit someone's bike with my car or my body. 
  • Many drivers are safe. I have a brother in law that drives a motorcycle, and he's really a safe driver. 
  • I'm talking about the careless drivers. 
  • Motorcyclist's should be extra cautious because they have little protection.

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