Thursday, September 16, 2010

The whole Family has PMS - Not Really

    • I get grumpy whenever my allergies flair up. I'm more grumpy then when I get PMS I swear. 
    • I'll be happier once it freezes
    • 9 pm has been my bedtime lately. I've just been so tired. My patients is so thin.
    • I really do not try to be this way. 
    • I've noticed that I've gotten this way ever since grad school. Allergy season would start, and I'd get PMS like symptoms. It's HORRIBLE. I want it to stop.
    Mica in his new shirt. "All you need is love" by the Beatles. He was so sleepy and sweaty when we went to go pick him up after work.

    • It doesn't help that I have a preschooler that acts like a bear when he doesn't take a nap. He's growing out of them, it's about time, but he's naughty when he doesn't take one.
    • Like today at Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs' house, Mica decided to pee in the front yard like it was no big deal. Grandpa got after him. Mica said, "Daddy tells me it fertilizes the bushes. It helps them to grow." GREAT! Good one Daddy! I know it's hard tackling 4 boy's with going to the bathroom when they are all outside in the backyard. Later on Mica's new pants where on the low side. Grandpa asked him to pull them up, and Mica pulled them down, all the way down, outside again, in the front yard! 
    • There you have it; I have a grumpy, stripper preschooler!
    • Not my usual Mica. 
    Isaak with his Beatles shirt on. He had messy hair from just waking up from his nap.

    • I have a grumpy toddler too! Isaak's cutting top molars. He's been moody for two weeks now. 
    • He can not decide what he wants and doesn't want.
    • He wants help, but you go to help him and BAM he says, "I do it myself Mommy!"
    • "Whine" should be his middle name instead of "Jaxon."

    • Daddy isn't so moody.  I called on the way home from work last night to see if he needed anything at the grocery store? He said, "I want to be BY MYSELF tonight. I don't want to deal with any kids!" 
    • He's moody too.
    • We had rain that came into our basement last night. He has to move a whole bunch of things in the basement, so people can come do a service check on our furnace. He has to get ready to teach a sculpture class to high school students (his first). I think the pressure is on!

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