Saturday, October 23, 2010

I'll Sick to Sewing Paper!

  • I tore Mica's Buzz costume apart tonight. 
  • I added a strip fabric in the center to extend the torso. The costume is a medium and is supposed to fit age 7. Mica's 5, and it's tight. He's torso long. 
  • It fits barely! He'll have to wear it 3 times next week. Not to mention going potty!
  • Anyhow it was pretty frustrating process for me! There is this vest thing on the outside that's attached. It makes everything so hard to see.
  • I left 1/2 of the costume in tact, while I sewed the strip of fabric in.
  • I got done sewing everything. I was going to call it a night. ;)
  • I turned it right side out, and the legs were facing the wrong way! :( The costume had a pant leg in the front and in the back. I told Daddy that we could just combine Little Mermaid with Buzz Light Year
  • Needless to say I was DONE!
  • Daddy took over. 
  • I'll stick to sewing paper; like I did during the summer for Isaak's room.

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