Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jeckle and Hyde

  • When I dropped Mica and Isaak off this morning, I mentioned how Isaak is like Jeckle and Hyde
  • He's either super sweet, or is a major punk. Grandma said, "Isaak! No he's not!" Either she didn't believe me, she was being sarcastic or she's in denial. Maybe he's just super sweet for them. He can be a real punk for us
Here's some of what Isaak does: 

The Good

  • He is a lover. 
  • He loves blankets straight out of the dryer.
  • He carries around dolls and stuffed animals like they are precious to him. He's not like the punk kid on Toy Story {Sid} that blows up his toys!
  • He often times says, "Thank you!" 
  • He loves hugs and kisses. 
 The Bad

  • He's the type of kid that will hit Mica with a plastic hammer just because he thinks it's fun. This actually happened!
  • He's like his mom {yes I was this way, ok I still am a little} and bugs Mica a lot. To the point where Mica just wants to deck him. 
  • We can never just make dinner. He's always pulling on my pants, trying to throw a ball while in the kitchen. Super cranky! I've stopped what I was doing to give him attention for 15 minutes. We've given him a few crackers to tide him over. It truly does not make a difference. 
  • When he has his mind made up, that is it! If he wants Daddy to help him with something, and I come over to help him; he is a real jerk, and throws a fit.
That's my boy. 
Thinking of Jeckle and Hyde reminded me of the old cartoon characters Heckle and Jeckle. In fact I always thought their names were Jeckle and Hyde.


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SF said...

Isn't it odd how children will act with other people (grandparents, daycare workers, teachers, etc.) than they will with mom and dad. They can be cranky, stubborn, crying if they don't get their way with mom and dad and the sweetest, most loving child with everyone else. Aah, I guess it's all a part of growing up and becoming independent.


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