Sunday, October 10, 2010

Melt Down

  • Awe yes, a parent's favorite part of parenthood; major melt downs!
  • Isaak had two this weekend. 
  • He's entered a new stage in his childhood. The melt down stage.

  1. We were at the grocery store. Isaak got a sample of pizza. He kept trying to give it to me. He said, "I don't want this Mommy!" I said, "Isaak if you give me your sample because you do not want it I will eat it." He handed it to me again. I ate it. He flipped! Oh the tears were running, and he would not let it go!
  2. I was in the kitchen. Isaak wanted something to eat before dinner. He's like a dog that begs. I said, "Do you want a carrot?" He said, "Yes!" I proceeded to cut the carrot to give to him. He was crying hard for 30 minutes because he wanted the whole carrot, and not one cut into pieces. I grabbed my camera to capture this melt down. He ran into the other room. It was like he knew exactly what I was trying to do. I went into the room he was in, and he ran back into the kitchen.

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