Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What I Did Today

  • I took the day off. I have no students this week, and it's Daddy's weekend. He has his weekend in the middle of the week, so that we don't have to send the kids to daycare.
  • Daddy now has my cold that I had a few weeks ago
  • I was super busy! 
  • I gave the boy's a shower this morning. Did two full loads of laundry. Our two nephews got dropped off. Daddy fed them, I did the dishes, and ran the dishwasher
  • We went together to drop our nephew Evan off to kindergarten. Then drove to drop off Mica at preschool. We took the toddlers to Hobby Lobby. I love their 40% off coupons. I printed off two of them, so Daddy could use one and I could use the other. I know that's probably not right, but I confess, that's what I did.
  • We went home and I sucked up leaves out of our driveway, while Daddy and the toddlers played in the backyard. I soaked the leaves in water, and put them under two trees (great mulch)! 
Lunch Time
  • Then I picked up Mica. We came home, and I made lunch
  • After lunch I put away the laundry and unloaded the dishwasher.  
After Lunch
  • Then Elijah and I went to go pick up Evan at kindergarten. He got off at 1:00 today. Elijah fell asleep as soon as I started up the car. While I was waiting I called my doctor to see if I could get in to get a flu shot. They said anytime. I decided since I was out, I'd take my nephews to the doctor with me to get a flu shot
  • At the doctor's office Evan grabbed a children's book to look at, and Elijah sifted through the magazines to find something that had sports on it. Sports Illustrated was the choice of my 2 year old nephew. Then Elijah freaked out when we went back in the exam room. He thought we were there for him. I convinced him it was ok; just Aunt Lissy (my nickname) was going to get a good for me shot.
  • We went home. We got Isaak, Elijah and Mica down for a nap. Daddy went outside to mow the front yard. Evan and I made chocolate cake, and sugar cookie's. All the goodies are for my Halloween costume. I'm dressing up to be a baker. I'm going to have goodies on a plate for my students all day. 
  • None of the boy's would sleep. We finally got Isaak to go down. The other boy's watched Beauty and the Beast. While the boy's watched their movie, I rolled out the cookie dough, and began cutting out oak leaves and acorns
  • Daddy got snacks for the boy's.
  • Uncle Tyson came to pick up his boy's.
Dinner Time
  • I made dinner
  • While the dinner was in the oven I crushed up the chocolate cake, added chocolate frosting and used my smallest scoop to make them into 1/2 circles. They are in the freezer now. I will some other day dip them in orange candy melts.  
  • Then it was time to get the boy's ready for bed. Mica went potty and peed on his pant's. Daddy stepped in Mica's puddle of pee when he was getting the tooth brushes. 
  • We put the boy's down a half hour early.
  • Daddy cut his hair, and messed it up for the first time since we've been married. Don't try to cut your hair when you're sick and mad.
  • Now we're chillin'.


Ms. Latina said...

WOW! I think I got tired just reading that!

I have to admit my days are just as busy but when you read it on paper it just seems like so much!

Thank goodness parents just do because if we were to analyze it all, we would probably just turn over and hit the snooze button!

Aleksandra Nearing said...

LOL I'd love to see the picture of the hair :)


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