Tuesday, January 4, 2011

CSN | Stores Product Review

CSN | Stores contacted me for another product review. They have so much to choose from! They have everything from kid toy's to most anything for your home.

This time I picked out a night light for Isaak's room. I've been looking for a night light for awhile. In every local store I checked out their selection of night lights; they were limited! The night light's I did find were not fun at all.

CSN | Stores had a night light made by Oxo called Candela Roomi. It can be purchased for $29.99. They also make a sweet rocket night light called Candela Zoom, which can be found at CSN | Stores as well!
There are two sections of this night light:
  1. A LED night light, which gets plugged in anywhere. I've plugged ours into the hallway, and I've tried out Isaak's room as well.
  2. The two sided house gets charged on the LED night light. It has an on and off switch on the bottom of it. It will stay on for 8 hours with a full charge.

A few things about this product:

  • My favorite feature is that the light is not a fire hazard 
  • Safe for little fingers to touch
  • Safe-Care system that has no exposed electrical components
  • Auto-illuminates during a power outage or when lifted from the charger
  • Lead, BPA and phthalate free
  • It is soothing to have a light in the room
  • It can be used for both play and bedtime
  • The charger panel can stay lit at all times and acts as a nightlight

  • On a full charge it the house stays lit for up to 8 hours
  • Rechargeable cost-efficient light, which decreases the need to buy batteries frequently
  • LED technology eliminates the need to change bulbs frequently

  • Isaak loves his new night light! When I tuck him into bed he asks for his house. 
  • The house sits up on top of his dresser to ease his fear of the dark.
  • I love that there are two lights in one. The long lasting battery is awesome! 

A few things I wish this product would have:
  • I wish the house was a little bit brighter. 
  • I was hoping there was a clicking or locking device when the house charges up. Little curious fingers try to pull the house off of the charger.
  • This product was back ordered. I was hoping I'd get it in time to put it in Isaak's stocking; it just didn't happen. I did have to wait a few months for it, but it was worth the wait. CSN | Stores is known for their fast shipping. I've never had to wait long for anything else from them.

Please take some time to visit CSN | Stores! They do have such a great selection.


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