Monday, March 28, 2011

Cousin Elijah's Birthday

  • We celebrated cousin Elijah's 3rd birthday this weekend. It's hard to believe Elijah and Isaak are that old already! Isaak will be 3 on May 19. 
  • We got Elijah a German Shorthaired Pointer thanks to CSN|Stores. I was really excited to get the Melissa and Doug Pooch out of our closet. ;) He was so big, that I couldn't find a box to fit him in. I used the shipping box at Christmas time to wrap something else in. I went to 2 stores to try and find a big gigantic birthday bag to wrap the dog in with no luck. I should have just tried Factory Card and Party Outlet right away; but I didn't think about it at all until the party was started. So the German Shorthaired Pointer got shoved into a black garbage bag. 
A big boy trike from Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs

A Big Pooch From Us

Elijah gave hugs to everyone!

Mica was sleepy! Can you tell?

Isaak was shy at first. He always is when more then one family is on the scene. At present opening time he warmed up to everyone. He even sat on cousin Elijah and Evan's Great Grandma's lap {from their other side}. At the end of the night he called her "Grandma," which she's not his Grandma, but that's ok. 

Isaak was curious! It's like he's thinking, "I wonder if I can play with this ginormous dog?"

Everybody got a chance to play with the toys {if they wanted to}. Even Uncle Tyson enjoyed playing with the dog!

The night ended with Evan playing in the bike box, and Great Grandma Kent wanting him out of the box, stories of snakes, boy's playing and laughter.

Aunt Terra said this morning, "Elijah has been sleeping with the dog every night - good thing he has a full size bed - it takes up half of it!!!!"


Dee said...

That looks like an awesome time! :)

Anne - Mommy Has to Work said...

Happy Birthday! I love the dog! Very cute.


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