Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Lot of Fun While Eating!

I bought these plates downtown this past weekend. Two boy ones, but they sell girl ones too! You can get them at one of my favorite stores online Uncommon Goods for $12. Kind of pricey for a plate, but well worth the fun!!!!!!

They are dishwasher and microwave safe! What I LOVE is that they are ceramic and not plastic. It's hard to find fun ceramic plates. I'd rather them not eat on plastic. I just don't know what chemicals are in the plastic. My kids are past the point of throwing their dishes, but young enough to eat on something fun. Lets face it, I have fun decorating them. The boy's tell me that it's Uncle Eric before he is decorated {he's bald}. LOL

This is what their dinner looked like last night. They ate everything and asked for seconds. I find myself saying, "Ok eat the hair before you can have more of the beard." Right now it works! Isaak doesn't usually prefer broccoli, but he ate it all!

You might be thinking, "What's on his head?" That's his hat, fried chicken. I ground up oatmeal and wheat crackers, mixed in some spices. Shoved the mixture it in a big Zip Lock bag, dipped the chicken in egg, I shake it in the mixture and cook it in Olive Oil. Olive Oil burns a little in the end, but it's so much more healthy then other oils. His hair is steamed broccoli and he has a black grape beard.

Play with your food! I dare you!

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