Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Off With His Door!

  • Many moons ago Mica kept slamming his bedroom door shut. He was trying to keep his little brother and cousin out of his room. I can understand him wanting privacy, but we will not put up with Mica slamming his door. Not only that, but we were worried Mica would hurt Isaak.
  • Sure enough it happened! A long time ago Mica slammed Isaak's fingers into the door. Isaak was crying. I went to pick him up, and Isaak's fingers were in Mica's door! Isaak's fingers were flattened like a pancake. I thought we might have to rush to the emergency room, but they seemed to pop back in place after 10 min. Then it took a long time for his fingernails to look normal. We had to let them grow out. Mica lost his door. Daddy took it off the hinges. Along with that, he lost his privacy. Mica had to put up with Isaak and cousin Elijah coming in his room. 
  • Mica got his bedroom door back on Christmas Eve. It was one of his presents from us. Then we knew he couldn't hear Santa come in through the fireplace. 
  • He was thankful. We talked to him about safety, and not slamming the door.
  • The past few weeks Mica started to slam his door again. He was warned two days ago that he'd loose his door if he slammed it.
  • Yesterday he slammed his door, and Daddy took it off the hinges again. Mica's bedroom door is now in our garage. Mica pleaded at the time for Daddy not to take it away. Now he seems ok with not having a door.

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What I Did Today said...

Yikes! That would be scary! Poor Isaak.


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