Monday, March 21, 2011

Mica's Checked Off

  • We had conferences for Mica's preschool tonight. They love him. He has everything checked off that they want him to know/learn in preschool. Last year he wasn't quite ready for kindergarten. Now he is. Mica has an August birthday, so we decided to wait a year to send him to school. 
  • He's really grown with drawing, writing and cutting. Last year his hand almost seemed too weak to cut. He doesn't have a problem at all now.
  • Often times Mica is the leader in the classroom. 

  • I brought up a concern, and that was that Mica has blurted out a couple rude comments about other people. 
  • Example: There was a little girl standing up to sing during his school talent show. Mica laughed and said, "She has a monkey nose." I grabbed his arm to pull him towards me. Then I said in his ear, "You never say mean things like that about people! Do you hear me?" He understood. 
  • After the event I talked to him about how making fun of people can hurt their feelings. He seemed to understand. I think a lot of kids say something like that once in awhile. We as parent do need to call them on it though. We've read books on the subject of accepting other people. I'm just glad that Mica's only made a few comments like that. It's not a constant thing that we're trying to correct.

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Emilie said...

I'm going through the same thing with my son. He is four and his birthday is 8/22. We weren't sure whether to send him to kindergarten next year or not. He is very intelligent and does fabulous with concepts/language, etc but struggles with hand strength including writing and cutting. (We are currently working on that.) So we've decided to hold off sending him for another year and I don't think we'll regret the decision.


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