Monday, March 21, 2011

Shopping Run!

  • Mica was a runner in the stores. When Isaak was a baby, Mica was 2 1/2. He ran from me while Isaak was in the cart. I grabbed him in the football hold, and continued to push the cart. He screamed out, "Mommy don't spank me!" I had only spanked him once in his life; for running in the street. He got it from a little critter book. Everyone stared at me.  
  • Mica is much better about staying with me. Isaak is just starting to be the runner! He doesn't want to be in the cart. He thinks it's funny to run. Then Mica and him chase each other around the clothing racks, laughing. Oh we've had talks about stranger danger! 
  • This weekend Isaak was down one side of the isle, Mica down the other and I was in the middle. Isaak looked up, and didn't see me; instead he saw a stranger. He had a panic look on his face. I said, "Isaak I'm right here!" He ran to my side and cried. Then wanted up.
He wants to run, but he also wants me to be at his beck and call. Kids!

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