Monday, March 21, 2011

Toilet Paper and Food Bandit's

Toilet Paper Bandit
  • Last night Isaak was going potty. He's pretty self reliant with going number 1. 
  • The only thing, is that he sometimes needs help with is pulling down and up his pants. Mica has peanut sized hips and butt, so he rarely has to unzip/zip or unbutton/button to pull his pants up and down. Isaak on the other hand has to do both.
  • I went in to assist Isaak with getting his pants pulled up; when I noticed that the top of the toilet seat had water on it. Isaak's hands were wet! He had a guilty look on his face, but said nothing.
  • I was thinking, "Oh no! Is that water or pee?" I just had Daddy wash Isaak's hands and change his shirt. 
  • I didn't think too much of it. 
  • Later on Isaak had to go potty. I noticed inside the toilet bowl that there was toilet paper popping out of the hole where the water comes out to fill up the bowl. Isaak tried plugging it up previously! 
  • I was thinking, "Gee wiz! Do I put my hands in there to yank it out?" Nope I got kitchen tongs, they can be washed in the dishwasher! Worked like a charm. 
  • Then I got after the toilet paper bandit! 
Food Bandit
  • Later on I talked to Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs {my parents} on the phone. They said that they had an interesting evening as well. Great Grandma Kent {who has Alzheimer's disease} was brought over for dinner. 
  • They had Mashed potatoes, Meatballs and Red Gravy {a family classic}. 
  • Great Grandma Kent is in a home now, and is taken out sometimes to hang out with the fam. 
  • She started to mix all her food together. Fruit and all. I've seen her do this, so it was no surprise to me. When my mom was busy with dishes, Great Grandma Kent decided to mix Tinker Toys with her food mixture.
I told them that we should have gotten together the Toilet Paper Bandit and the Food Bandit. They probably would have had a lot of fun and an interesting time.

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