Friday, March 11, 2011


  • I heard Mica say, "OMG!" a few times tonight. I know that he didn't know that, "OMG" is the abbreviation for "Oh My God!" 
  • I'm pretty sure he got this one from Daddy. I've heard him saying "OMG" a few times lately. 
  • A separate note: Isaak now runs like heck when shopping. It used to be Mica that ran. Now Mica stays with me, and Isaak BOLTS. He laughs just like Mica used to do. "Punk" is what I call Isaak. 
  • If there's a clothing rack, Isaak will hide in it.
  • Isaak ran from me, and straight into the men's dressing room. That kid runs FAST too! 
  • Mica ran after Isaak after I told Isaak to come back to me. Isaak laughed, then started screaming because Mica was trying to get him. Mica say's, "OMG Isaak, get over here!"
Update: Mica told me this morning that he got "OMG" from the movie, Monsters vs. Aliens.


    Travis Apel said...

    Mica did not get OMG from me. He captured it from one of his movies. Ask him and he may tell you.

    What I Did Today said...

    Hahahahahahahahaha! I love that. "OMG Isaak!" Too cute.


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