Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rough Morning

Yes, it was a rough morning!
  • I made the mistake of setting Mica's nice clothes out to go to the symphony today; but not his shoes. He came out of his room dressed nice with Spider-Man tennis shoes on. He got super upset when we told him, "No! Those don't match. Go change!"
  • Then Isaak wigged out because he wanted his shoes on before his pants. I literally had to shove his pants on, while he scream cried in my ear. 
  • Isaak wouldn't go potty. I had to trust that he'd hold it until Grandma and Grandpa's house. He did! ;)
  • We had an extra thing to do: Mica breathing in the nebulizer. In the morning extra things really bite! I remember the days of pumping. I would pump and eat breakfast at the same time; because otherwise I'd run out of time. Mica of course doesn't like breathing into the nebulizer. We have to remind him to breath right throughout the duration of him using it.
  • Mica was super slow about eating breakfast. I don't blame him because he doesn't feel well, but his yogurt was something I really wanted him to finish since he's on antibiotics! 
  • Mica's eye's were all puffy yesterday! I was hoping they'd clear up by today because he was going to the symphony for preschool. He's missed school all week. His eyes are still puffy, but better. It concerned me because he had a pretty bad reaction to Penicillin when he was 7 months. He's not on Penicillin, but could have a reaction to something else. 
  • I'm the queen of being allergic to Sulfa! I broke out in college. My face went from skinny to round. I had hives everywhere! I went to the allergy clinic, and they acted like they had never seen someone so bad. The nurse brought in other nurses to see me. It was an allergy clinic! I wanted to say, "Come on people, I'm not on display!" I got a shot of steroids, and was hung up on the couch for awhile! I looked like a junky; shaking with the steroids, puffy and red speckles all over me!

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