Thursday, May 5, 2011

Yesturday I Stayed Home Sick

  • I went into work just long enough to announce to my students what they had to do for the day. The PowerPoints of my lectures were on the server. 
  • I went home sick.
  • Daddy had taken the boys to the Henry Doorly Zoo for a field trip with Mica's preschool class. 
  • They got home around lunch time, and Daddy looked like a mess. He was sick too. 
  • He went to take a hot bath. Then I had kid duty. Lucky for me I had made PBJ sandwiches earlier for their zoo trip. Lunch was easy.
  • Then it was a relaxing movie, while Daddy slept. I feel asleep 1/4 of the way through the movie. 
  • Then it was nap time. It took awhile to convince Mica that it was a good idea for him to take a nap. 
  • We all slept from 2 to 5. Daddy fell asleep earlier then that. It was some well deserved sleep! I woke up to Mica in my face saying, "Mommy are you going to get up?" Over and over again. 
  • Daddy heard him, and took him outside. Mica must of been extremely board! He yelled over the fence, "Somebody needs to come play with me!" That's not really like Mica to be so rude. With two parents under the weather; I think he was really board. It's days like that where I wish Mica was in kindergarten already.


What I Did Today said...

That's terrible! You can't both be sick at the same time! Poor Mica. Hahaha! All bored and everything.

Michelle @Flying Giggles said...

It is horrible being a sick parent, but when both parents are sick, nothing can top that! I hope you are both feeling better!


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