Friday, May 6, 2011

The Things Isaak Says!

Before I get into what Isaak said, I should tell you about our night:
  • We went to cousin Evan's Ice Cream Social. There we had pizza, water and a cupcake. Ya no veggies tonight. They don't serve what I call "the good stuff" at events like that. 
  • Isaak wanted to eat his cupcake before his pizza. I wouldn't let him and he wasn't happy with me. He got over it when he realized that we all had to wait to eat our cupcakes. I was stupid for not asking for white frosting on all our cupcakes! Aunt Terra's boys were all clean looking, and Isaak looked like a Smurf by the time he was done! Mica got white frosting, so he was pretty clean.
  • We played a few games. Then it was time to go home. I wanted to catch some of Daddy's art opening. You can see his work here. The boy's clearly didn't want to leave the Ice Cream Social. Of course not! What little kid would want to leave fun games that their cousin's get to stay and play? 
  • We went to walk back to Aunt Terra's where our car was parked. The whole way back I listened to Isaak cry about how he needed to go number 2, how he wanted up, he picked his nose and wanted me to take care of his booger {yuck}! I made him walk {it wasn't too far}. I know I'm a mean Mommy. We got back, went into Terra's house, and he wouldn't even go potty. 
That leads into what Isaak said:
  • Isaak's nose was snotty, so I wiped it with some toilet paper. 
  • He looked up at me and said, "Gross don't wipe my nose with toilet paper! That's what you wipe my butt with Mommy!"
  • I explained to him that toilet paper can be used for both purposes. He wasn't buying it!
Off to Daddy's show:
  • Ya it never happened. The whole way home Isaak complained of his tummy hurting. Mica was hungry and thirsty. I looked back at them, and thought they looked dirty from playing outside and eating cupcakes.
  • Daddy was totally fine with that. It's not like we haven't seen his work before.

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