Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lowes Build and Grow Clinic

  • We went to our first Lowes Build and Grow Clinic this morning. It's for ages 7 and up, but the man that runs it says that he has all ages of kids come in. He also said that you don't actually have to register. They usually have enough kits for everyone. I registered anyhow. It's every Saturday at 10 am.
  • Thanks to Grandpa Spiehs for meeting us there! He helped Isaak, while I helped Mica. Grandpa Spiehs took some hammering against his fingers. Isaak just is too little to have a lot of aim. 
  • They got to keep their aprons, goggles, they got a patch and the vase they made for me for Mother's Day. All for free! We might become regulars. Now that I know what it's like, I probably don't need Grandpa's help. But I'll be the one getting my fingers hammered. LOL

  • After we were done with the project's Grandpa shopped around Lowes for a bit. Mica was bouncing off the walls for some reason.
  • We went two places to find two single flowers to put in the vases. No such luck. The grocery store only sold bunches of flowers, and the gas station we went to didn't have flowers at all {I've seen single roses at gas stations before}. Mica was still bouncing all over the place. He was pretty crazy. 
  • On the way home I stopped by a middle school track to have the boy's run! Just to run off some energy. Mica ran/walked 1 1/2 laps, Isaak ran/walked 1 lap. Mica can run fast. Isaak's more of a lazy butt. Isaak fussed 1/2 the run/walk. Aunt Terra says that all the time about Isaak, that he's lazy. She takes them to go pick up Cousin Evan at school all the time, and Zeek wants a free ride in the stroller all the time! At least he's starting to run more. Mica's ran since he could run. 
  • When we got home Mica crashed. Either I wore them out, or he now has our bug. He didn't even want to eat. Totally unlike Mica.

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