Monday, June 6, 2011

Fixing the Chimney

We got a new roof. They did a good job, but the chimney needed to get attached better. They came back this evening to fix it. I think it was a problem because they needed one guy inside, and another on the roof. When they did the job, we were not home most of the time.

Mica and Isaak were completely transfixed on a stranger walking in and out of our house. The man that was working was talking on a cell phone to the person that was on the roof. Only he was speaking in Spanish.

Mica said laughing, "What is that China man saying?"

I said quietly, "Mica he is speaking Spanish, not Chinese. He's from Mexico."

Mica quickly went to get the globe to point out where both China and Mexico were both at.


What I Did Today said...

The globe is a priceless item. I remember using it a lot to figure out where everything and everyone I heard about was. Mica is too funny!

Ms. Latina said...

That is so funny! We're Spanish but my youngest hasn't learned to speak it yet. The other day he heard someone speaking French and told me to translate. I told him I couldn't, it wasn't Spanish! It def. made me realize I need to teach him more Spanish.

Shawna said...

Your newest follower. Love your blog, very interesting posts. Stop by my blog whenever you can. Thanks!


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