Thursday, June 9, 2011

Omaha Mayor Signs Flooding Emergency Declaration

On the news last night, the mayor declared Omaha in a state of emergency! Yep it's where I live!  It's pretty scary.

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I'm not worried about our house, but Daddy just got an email from the gallery where his work is at. If the downtown area gets word, then he has to go remove his sculptures right away. I just feel for everyone that looses their homes, farmers that will loose everything, more businesses that go under and families that are scared.

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So, if you don't live in the midwest. This may not effect you now, but it will in the long run. Farmers are having a hard time growing things right now. Food costs will go up next year; even more then they already are. We're going to be diving into the debt that is already scarce. Gas prices I'm sure will go up too!

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Traveling is hard as well. Portions of Interstates 29, 680 are to closed due to flooding.

It's all pretty scary.

I came up with this wonderful Idealist way of thinking. Daddy told me it would never work. I thought about big tanker trucks sucking up water. Then dumping it into Ideal water tanks. Ideal is a water company here in Omaha. They could filter the water, bottle it and become a HUGE company. They'd become so huge that they could donate to places that are in need. They'd have so much money that they'd find a way to package in reusable stainless steel instead of plastic. Ok so that last sentence was far fetched! But, the rest I thought was good. My idea isn't freezable though. :( If only we lived in an Ideal world!

Did I mention that it's raining?


Kelly L said...

I hope the rain stops!! I cannot imagine what your family and town are going through... Best Wishes...
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What I Did Today said...

Oh my gosh! That IS scary! I'm glad to know that you guys don't have to worry about your house, but sad for those that do. I like your idea. It's not good to hear about the cost of food going up. I also heard that a lot of farmers aren't even growing food crops anymore. They're growing corn for fuel. Another reason for food prices to go up. Very disturbing.


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