Monday, June 6, 2011

Three Year Old = More of a Punk!

See this sweet little boy that likes to help me with grocery shopping? He's had a little bit of "PUNK" added to his personality since he turned 3 years old. 

Yesterday we went to my cousin's high school graduation party. I wanted to socialize with my relatives. Mica wanted to go outside to play. I won't let him go outside by himself. I said he could go out as long as he stayed on the deck where I could see him. Mica said, "No I want you to come with me." I said, "Fine we'll just go home because it's nap time after all." Plus Mr. Roto-Rooter was at our house. I wanted to go see how that was coming along. For all I knew Daddy was still at home with the plumber. He had to go back to work.

I was holding Isaak, and he started punching my arm because I wouldn't let his brother play outside.

Between the clogged up sink, dishes everywhere at our house, the plumber cost, Mica being defiant and Isaak punching me, I was annoyed! I wanted to get them in the car as fast as possible! Then it was nap time.

I walked outside. Both boys were mad at me, and I was not happy with them. My aunt pulled up with my Grandma that has Alzheimer's disease. My aunt asked me to walk my grandma inside, so she could find a place to park. Of course I was more then happy to do that. By the time I got to our car, punishing the boy's seemed silly. I did talk to them anyhow. I guess leaving a place they wanted to stay at was a punishment.

We all went home and took a nap from 2:30 to 5:30. Mica woke me up. I had to clean the sink and clean many dishes by hand before I could even start on dinner.

Back to the "PUNK" added to Isaak's personality. Lately when I give Mica time-outs, which isn't that often, he's a pretty good kid; Isaak runs up and starts punching me saying, "Don't put my brother in time-out!" His sweet "soulful" eyes turn mean and his eyebrows slant upward.  

Then Isaak goes to time-out for hitting.

I'm glad that Isaak loves his brother, but not glad he started doing this to me! I hope that I'm handling the situation right. Isaak gets a time-out for each time he hits.

He has also stared threatening to throw toys at Mica. Yep the same brother he loves so much gets Isaak's mean streak too! Usually I have to give two time-outs. One for Isaak's threat and another for Mica pushing him away. Mica is told to walk away from the situation. He is to tell us. Thankfully our boy's rarely lie. If I ask Isaak, "Did you act like you were going to throw something at Mica?" He says, "Yes." It's usually when I'm out of the room Isaak does this. I don't like to punish for things I don't see, but Isaak's sneaky! At least he'll tell me the truth.

If you want to add any thoughts to this post, I'm happy to hear them. I'm hoping Isaak's just going through a stage. After many time-outs, a talk with eye contact and "I'm sorry" apologies, he'll get over it! I hope!


Liz Mays said...

I agree with you that at least he's telling the truth, because a little bit later, they learn to lie, right? They're usually completely obvious in their lies though, which makes them kinda funny.

Sorry they've been a challenge for you lately!

Grandma said...

I have a 3 yr. old grandson that I watch during the week. He never went through the Terrible Twos, but he is definitely going through the Horrible Threes. I am hoping this too shall pass. Good luck.

Ms. Latina said...

It's def. a stage. My oldest went through it as well. He would cry when the youngest cried and run to "save" him when he was punished. Just keep talking to him and explaining, because of their age they need to hear it several times before it sinks in. And don't forget to take a breather - it sooooo helps! *Hugs*


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