Thursday, July 7, 2011

Scavenger Hunt

Today I picked up cousin's Evan and Elijah to participate in a scavenger hunt at our house.

They had to follow clues to find their snack. I bought a special snack that they never get, raspberry and blackberry candy.

Each kid got a few turns to figure out clues. Flying Dr. Evil Porkchop from Toy Story 3 was on top of Mica and Isaak's slide, one of Daddy's belts was wrapped around the tree in our front yard, silly hats were on the steps, there was a glass jar inside the grill and the list went on. Each item had a clue in it or under it to lead them to the next item.

I think they all really enjoyed it. I thought it would only take them 15 min, but it took them an hour. Mica likes to run ahead of the pack. Evan kept saying, "Mica it's not your turn to be ahead of everyone!" The one that had the hardest time with the clues was Isaak. He's just not there yet, developmentally to figure riddles out.

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Amanda McCusker said...

That is such a cool idea! We play scavenger hunt alot for gifts and such. I want to get my daughter into the game, but she is only two so there is still lots of time. I am trying to use pictures of places instead of riddles. That way she can figure out where the picture is and still be involved.


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