Thursday, September 1, 2011

Yesterday Mica Got Upset at School

You want to know why? Because a follow boy in his class is trying to take over his girlfriend. At least that is what Mica said. Funny, but not. Mica was upset. We're back stepping and playing down the whole girlfriend idea. Just like he doesn't understand what having a girlfriend is really like, he doesn't understand the heartbreak that goes with it. Here Daddy and I thought Isaak was going to be our sensitive one when it came to the ladies. We never really encouraged the girlfriend thing, it's just that Mica would tell us he has a girlfriend. I thought it was cute puppy love. I had crushes when I was young, so I thought it was good that Mica was talking to us. Now it's down played.

The teacher told Daddy that a lot of the time kids find themselves being drawn to students that are like themselves. According to the teacher Mica and Kammy are a few of the more mature students in the class. Mica is 6 and had 3 years of preschool prior to going to kindergarten.

All the reasons why we waited a year to send him to kindergarten: He has an August birthday, he's a boy obviously and he wouldn't cut or color before school started last year.

All the reasons why we started preschool so early: He wasn't around any kids besides his cousin, his cousin Evan was 3 months older and was starting preschool, Mica just went with him and Mica was fully potty trained at that age {a requirement}.

So hummm...Sorry Mica you have to wait to date until you are 16 years old. ;)


What I Did Today said...

Hahahaha! Poor little guy. My parents had the same rule. No dating until you're 16. Seemed to work for them. Though, I kinda went behind their backs and started at 15. Close enough. Hope it all gets worked out for Mica. Downplaying it sounds like the exactly right thing to do!

Liz Mays said...

That's so sad to have such early heartbreak. How dare that kid move in on his girl? ;)

Anonymous said...

i had crushes on probably all the boys in the class :D


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