Sunday, August 28, 2011

Trip to KC

We had a long weekend, meaning a lot to do packed in a few days. This will repeat in a few weeks when we go back to KC for another wedding.

This time my cousin Brent got married. They looked great and happy! They've been together for awhile.
Congrats to them!
Some of her family had trouble traveling because of hurricane Irene. :( We got there, but had trouble because the interstate is closed down with all the flooding. :(. It took 4 hours to get there when it would have taken us 3 hours.

It still was a very nice wedding! :) Everyone looked great! I loved watching my cousin's (groom's brother) kids walking down the aisle!

Those kids (Colton and Kensley) are so cute and know it! ;)

The reception was fun. Our kids were a little stir crazy at first. *Remember they were in the car for four hours. Mica totally looks like he's ready to hit Daddy or Grandma in the face. He really was a spazz at the beginning of the reception! Then calmed down once we had dinner.

Isaak loved giving my cousin Stacy's baby Alex attention! He's really cute! I held him for a bit to!

Great Grandpa Kent was a amused with three things: Baby Alex, playing with glow sticks and watching Daddy and I lip sink back and forth. We pretended the glow sticks were microphones. ;)

Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs (mom and dad) dancing. Not such a great photo. It was dark in there! Not bad on the dancing part for my mom having a fused ankle!

We tried to dance, but got interrupted each time with kiddo's. Oh well!

On our way home we saw:


It will be a long time before the interstate is up and running again! BOO! We have friends in KC and Daddy's family lives in Moberly, MO. The trip to MO is way longer now! Moberly is further yet. That should be an interesting trip with two young kids. Daddy can't stand their sound effects in the car as it is. I also usually go with my students in the spring to KC for a field trip. They say it will be a long time before the interstate is repaired!

Amazing windmills!

I will show more photo's of these later. I have better ones to show for later.

Dark clouds!

It rained a bit closer to home. Mica said the clouds looked like bacon. Maybe he was hungry. I didn't think they looked like bacon; they most certainly looked crazy odd.


Saru Singhal said...

Hope you are not effected by Irene...:)

Liz Mays said...

Wow, I can't believe how extensive that flooding is! The kids are super cute at the wedding!

Anna Garcia said...

The Windmills Are Cool ! I Live Near palm springs and they have hundreds their as you pass by .Anna


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