Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Split Pea Soup or Witch's Skin?

I packed in Mica's lunch yesterday a homemade blueberry muffin, grapes, split pea soup and almond milk.

Check out this Healing Yellow Split Pea Soup:

I came home from work and Mica says, "Mom I got no bad checks and I did not kiss any girls." I praised him.

Daddy: "Tell Mommy about lunch Mica!"

Mica: "Oh it's about the Split Pea Soup. The people around me said it was 'Throw up!' I had to lie Mom! I told them it was melted witches skin!"

Mommy and Daddy: It's ok to lie as long as it's being silly and standing up for yourself! LOL


Faythe said...

Hahhaa. He is creative & quick wit! my boys would never eat pea soup... I think it was the color & texture thing, LOL.

Diane said...

Split pea is one of my favorites regardless of how it looks. :O)

Anonymous said...

lol love that.. looks yummy to me :D

What I Did Today said...

Hilarious! He's a quick thinker! Split Pea sure sounds good right now.

Lindsay said...

haha! I would never have thought to say something clever like that.

Liz Mays said...

Too funny, especially since that sounded better to him and his friends!

Eat To Live said...

Hahahaah~ That is funny and Mica is so quick witted to think of witches skin.


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