Sunday, December 4, 2011

Meet Mr and Mrs Claus

Daddy put the tree up last night. He fixed the lights. Why on pre-lit trees, do lights go out only after a few years? Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs had the same problem. So annoying! Then I put in the ribbon. I have red ribbon all throughout the tree. The boys and I put on the ornaments. Mica wanted to put up the star. He quickly said, "Next year Isaak gets to do it!" I'll hold him to his word.

Mica said, "I have the best idea of the century! Come in my room Isaak." So he proceeded to dress up Isaak like Mrs Claus and himself as Santa. Then he wanted Daddy to build him a sleigh and reindeer out of cardboard. Daddy said, "No." He had to go to work. When Mica gets into character, he doesn't just stop when in character. He wants the whole scene. Daddy said, "Go pretend your bed is the sleigh!" So he did. He collected pillows to represent the reindeer. Then came in and asked me, "Mom is it ok if I use my Indiana Jones whip to whip the pillows since they are my reindeer? I promise I won't hit Isaak!" I said, "Ok as long as I hear no problems."

Mrs Claus playing with Hallmark ornaments.
Mica has a pillow in his tummy to appear more plump and jolly. Isaak has one of my aprons on and an Indiana Jones satchel, which he was calling his "purse." Mica's shirt is on backwards. He did not have a plain red shirt. On his back is a motorcycle. Mica did put small balls in Isaak's shirt to represent, well you know what. That didn't last long!

Mica keeps saying, "I have Sugar Plums dancing in my head." He refuses to answer to the name, "Mica." He's like, "You can call me 'Santa, Mr Claus or St. Nick.' Ok Mica."  He wanted a beard, so we put put one of Daddy's CLEAN socks on his chin.

The most annoying Christmas item I have is this:

A sing, song Hallmark thing. I'm not into them at all! I bought it one year for the kids. It plays constantly!


Eat To Live said...

LOL... Mica is such a HAM!!! How funny.

You have snow!!! We had beautiful weather today but it was a cold 27 degrees.

~ Noelle said...

I love the creative minds!!!!
How fun!

Saru Singhal said...

Awww...I so love your boys...They are so adorable:)

What I Did Today said...

You're right. This is stinkin' hilarious. They are such fun kids!!


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