Monday, December 5, 2011

Today I Got the Run Around

The bruise I got in the beginning of October has never went away. I tripped on Isaak's play mat in the bathtub/shower. My leg stung and it really wasn't that colorful of a bruise. It was just was massive in size. The tissue was firmer than my other skin.

The size has gone down. What's left is a hard knot that is under the skin and the size of a large egg. It's a little discolored there. The skin in that spot dries out much more than my other skin and itches.

I didn't think too much of it. Like I said, it did get smaller. Since it won't go away, I did what everyone shouldn't probably do and looked online. What I found was that it could and probably is a "Hematoma." Sometimes ignorance is better, sometimes it's worse. What is it? A Hematoma refers to an abnormal collection of blood in the body that is typically the result of a broken or ruptured blood vessel. Hematomas can cause a minor skin bruise, or a collection of clotted blood that is deep within a muscle. Sometimes they shrink and go away, sometimes they don't and the sack of blood needs to b surgically removed. If it doesn't get removed, it can get so bad that a limb could need to be amputated. Ya that last part is where I decided that I should call my doctor. That's if it's really bad. Mine has shrunk down, so I doubt it's that bad.

I called my doctor and left a message with the nurse. Then she called and said that I'll need to see a Dermatologist. Then the Dermatologist office was away for an hour lunch break. Than I called back and they said, "It sounds like a Hematoma. You should probably see your regular doctor." I said, "They referred me to see a Dermatologist." She said, "Did they see you first?" I said, "No, but that's what my doctor said over the phone." She said, Ok."

I had to give them my maiden name. I haven't seen this doctor since late high school I think. That might be an issue in itself.

Now I have an appointment to see my Dermatologist at the end of the month.

At least I can have him look at my moles while I'm there. I don't think they are an issue because they haven't changed at all. Since I'm there, I might as well. I also have a raised, tiny mark by my eye. I'm sure it's just from getting older, but I'll have him look at that to.


Eat To Live said...

I would be a little concerned about it too... It is probably nothing to worry about but going and finding out for sure will help you sleep better.

If its not one thing, its another.... and you are still young. It doesn't get any better as we age.

I hate when Drs offices give the run around. My Doctor acts like I do witch craft so I am changing doctors to one who also treats conventional and herbally.

What I Did Today said...

Hope everything goes smoothly. And that all is well. :)

Liz Mays said...

This actually kinda scares me because I think I had one. It lasted for 9 months and I did nothing about it. I guess it's ok because I'm alive and it eventually faded away, but I had Texas on my upper thigh for all that time. I fell really, really hard into a vacuum because apparently I can't walk down stairs while carrying one safely.

I hope yours checks out a-ok though!

~ Noelle said...

hope everything turns out okay...
keep us updated :)

Becca said...

It's always better to be safe than sorry! Good luck :)

Ms. Latina said...

Hey Hun,

I hope everything turns out well. Pls make sure you let us know. {{{Big Hugs}}}

Anonymous said...

I agree, better safe than sorry plus like you said, you have the benefit of having your moles/skin looked at as well. I remember the first time I had that done the Derma came in with these special glasses that allowed him to look realy close. I told him that even though they were what he needed to be accurate, they were still a bit creepy and nerve wracking to know he could see all flaws. Not that I should care, but I was nervous and talk too much when nervous. Cancer running in the family and much more had me running to the Dr like crazy for about two years!

And yes, a lot of times I laugh when hurt. (your other post title)


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