Monday, January 9, 2012

Today I Feel Like I'm Not Communicating, or People Are Not Listening to Me

This morning I start breakfast. I cooked peppers, onion and garlic in a pan with olive oil. I told Daddy to toast 2 English Muffins, spread a healthier alternative to cream cheese on them (can't remember what that stuff is called) and put the veggies on top. Then I mentioned to just toast one piece of bread for the boys and put natural peanut butter on it. I knew the boys wouldn't go for what we had. Usually I don't cater to their wants when it comes to eating, but with breakfast, I just don't want to start out the day with a fight and unhappy souls.

Daddy does the same things with their toast as our English muffins. I'm thinking, "Oh well." They bitched complained, but ate it. I heard, "Veggies for breakfast? This isn't breakfast food!" I want to start eating veggies more often for breakfast! 

Last night Daddy and I talked once again about signing Isaak up for another preschool, he'd be going to 2 then. It would take some weight off my parents one day a week, the second preschool isn't that expensive, Isaak dislikes when he doesn't have preschool (he loves it), Daddy mentioned that he'd love to have some more time to himself and we had to make a decision because spring session is starting now.

Daddy goes to turn in paper work this morning. He enrolls him for fall. I'm thinking, "Ok." I guess no one gets more break for the spring. We do save money. I wouldn't of had him hurry to turn in the paper work if he was registering him for fall.

I get to work and my boss comes to get my adapter to plug into the big projector. Someone's wasn't working. I told him where it was at. I mentioned that I put it in there because another teacher and I both use it in that room.

He comes back once to tell me to get it back when lecture time was over. He comes back again to tell me, "Never mind I'll get it." He comes back a third time to say, "The guy needs it still, you don't use it do you?" I said, "Um...ya I use it. That is why you gave it to me in the first place." :) I wasn't mad at all. I was just confused that he was confused.

I had to type up a schedule for classes that the students have this year. I've told them many times that I'd like to be called, "Alissa Apel." The school always says, "No you have to have Mrs. Apel." They have, "Ms. Apel" down. I guess I'm not married. SURPRISE! Sarcasm!

I do think it's all together stupid that females are called, "Mrs. Ms. and Miss." when males only go by "Mr." Our country is confusing.

Another teacher has her full name. Every college I've went to calls their art instructors by their first name, sometimes we called our fine art instructors by their last name. The thing is, is sometimes in college there are students older than the teacher. It's a little odd for those students to call me, "Mrs. Apel." I've gotten used to it, but other instructors go by their first name. I find it so inconsistent, it makes me feel old and I'd like to be called what I want to be called. Am I silly? I suppose at this point it doesn't matter. I mean my fist name is Alissa and my last name is Apel. After teaching for years Mrs. Apel has stuck. I'm used to now.

I was just told that I won't be getting one of my books for one of my classes that starts this week. 

Luckily it's not a reading book. It's a visual source book. It would have been nice to know this last week; as opposed to this week. I think this is a common college thing that happens. 

To end on a positive note: It's like Christmas around here. All of first year gets their new MacBook Pro's, the latest Adobe Software, Microsoft Software, web programs, bags and flash drives. 


Diane said...

Sorry for the frustrating week! hugs and hope the week gets better for you!!! :O)

~ Noelle said...

Oh I hate the start to your week... but that is so cool all the fun things they get for school...


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