Saturday, January 14, 2012

Today Isaak and Mica Were Punished

I had plans to go to 5 stores. Brave I know. Each place was really quick! We started off at the most boring place and went to go to the most fun place of all at the end.

I had to get yet another memory card for my camera, paper for my printer, a birthday card for my brother-in-law Tyson, Valentines, fabric band-aids (I have developed an allergy to Latex, YAY!), and a Schleich dog.

We were at store number 4. It was almost time to go to the last, most fun store of all. Mica decided it was much more fun to play with a toy that was away from me, instead of staying with me. Isaak decided it was cool to start kicking and punching Mica just for fun. I made them sit down on the floor besides me. They both were still trying to get at each other, then they got up and started playing tag down the isle. I didn't even get all of what I went there for. I simply did not say a word. I just grabbed them by their coats, paid for my band-aids, and left.

Instead of going to Toys R Us to get what I needed wanted, a Schleich dog, we went home. I wanted to get one for a craft I'm working on. I've tried 3 stores to get a little $3 dog. Two didn't sell them and one sold them, but their rack of Schleich animals was empty.
Dog found here. I wish I could find him in the stores!
I never know with stores what is appropriate discipline? This is when I wish I had a handbook of what you should or shouldn't do with your children! Our boys are sometimes pretty good and other times; I'll admit they lack good behavior in stores. I felt a little better when my cousin's wife told me that she doesn't even take her kids to a single store anymore. I totally can handle our kids in one store. With Daddy and I working different schedules I'd never get anything done. They have to go out and about sometimes. I have to say singly our kids are GREAT. It's when they are together that they can be crazy! They get each other going.

Last week they were angels at the grocery store, this week they were the biggest punks at Walgreen's. I don't know if it's the time of day?, the fact that I kept them busy at the grocery store last week?, or maybe I just over did them today? I'm not sure.

They missed out on what was supposed to be the fun part of today. They got to listen to me in the car talk about manners. Then at home I took a time-out. Isaak got put down for a nap early.


Anonymous said...

A book would be great but only if it fit each of our children because each of mine had to be punished differently from each other. One I could count to a million (exaggeration) and it wouldn't bother him a but and the other one before he started crying. Sometimes I still can't believe mine are brothers and came from the same parents!

Eat To Live said...

At least you disipline them, so many parents let their kids run wild in the stores. Drives me crazy.

Years ago, I also developed an allergy to latex. I could not wear rubber gloves without my hands breaking out in a rash.

Liz Mays said...

I have yet to meet anyone who has kids that behave perfectly in public every single time. Not possible!


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