Saturday, January 14, 2012

We Need to Work Together As a Family

Daddy doesn't always agree with the title. When Daddy cooks, it's Daddy in the kitchen. He doesn't even like to have the boys in the kitchen at all.

All the sudden Daddy read a book about discipline and realized that our boys do need to help. It teaches them about responsibility, how to work together and makes us closer as a family.

Daddy had Mica take out the trash for the first time this week. I've been having them help with laundry. They like to put the clothes in the washer and dryer. Then they have to put their own socks, underwear and Mica puts his own pants away. They hand me clean dishes to put away from the dishwasher.

I like the boy's help when cooking and baking. My only problem with that lately is that they fight over who is going to help me. Mica has some major issues with sibling rivalry right now. The problem just popped up last week. Both boys want to help me in the kitchen.

Today they argued over who was going to help me at dinner time. I said, "Hey you both can help. You'll just take turns." Mica kind of huffed and puffed. I said, "Mica can you start by getting Mom an onion?" Mica said, "I don't want to do that." I said, "Ok Isaak can you get Mommy an onion?" Isaak started to go get one and Mica made a mad dash to the refrigerator. Then Isaak started crying. I took the onion Mica got out and put it back and said, "Mica you said that you didn't want to get an onion out for me. Isaak can you please get this onion out?" After that things sort of went smoothly. Each one took turns putting chopped onion, garlic into the soup I made.

Above is just one situation of how Mica's been acting. I would think it would have to do with me spending less time with him, but it's not true. We've been going to the YMCA and spending more quality time with one another then before.

I'm thinking what Mica is going through is just a stage in childhood. I don't want him to feel like I don't care, but he can't act like a pain in the rear to Isaak. Mica will learn that Isaak and him have to take turns.

Today is a struggle of a day.


Eat To Live said...

Oh my gosh Alissa, what parents go through to make their kids a kind, caring adult. Sounds like you are on the right track, it is just going to take a lot of patience. Something I lack

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it will all work out. Patience is definitely a trait I feel parents have to have.
When he was young I taught my oldest son to help and my youngest I didn't so much. Now my youngest son has a bit of shell shock because I started much later with him. My excuse is that he was so easy to raise where my oldest was not. I felt I had to keep my oldest involved etc. With my daughter I am already having her help with what she can because like you said, it's part of being a family.

Becky Jane said...

Balancing is one of the hardest tasks a mother can have. You handled the onion situation excellently! Way ta' go Mom!

Liz Mays said...

If you're consistent with that, then they will definitely learn the system and things will go easier. (one can hope)


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