Thursday, February 16, 2012

He's Really Into His Underwear

So the first time we bought Mica underwear {which he could remember} he said to the Walmart greet person, "We're here because my butt is getting big." When in fact he has a peanut butt for his size. I had told him that just because it was funny. Except I followed up with, "Mica you have a peanut butt. Mommy was just joking."

Last week we go again to get underwear. This time he's super excited to pick out his own. He would not put them in the cart. He held them the whole time. Then when we got home, I pull them out of the package for him to put them away. Instead he tried them all on. I kept hearing things like, "WOW these are cool!" "Oh my I love these underwear!" and "I'm so happy you got these for me Mom!" 

Santa should have put some new undies in his stocking.

Yesterday when he was getting dressed Mica said, "I know I have to take my underwear off because I need to change them, but I wish I didn't have to. The colors and design on these underwear are so cool Mom!"

My six year old son is obsessed with underwear.

Daddy had to tell him, "Now don't go telling all your classmates about your new underwear and don't show them your underwear!"

When they enter school you have to watch out for all the crazy things they at home blurt out. He's innocent and excited. At school it might seem perverted and weird.


Natalie said...

Now that's funny! My son hasn't shown any care of his underwear, though he does notice when they are new ones LOL I have been checking out your other blogs as well. Didn't realize you had more than one!

Becky Jane said...

My girls used to carry their new underwear around in the store, now they hurry and hide it under stuff in the shopping cart!

Let's hope he doesn't show it off at school...LOL

Eat To Live said...

LOL.... that is funny. It reminds me of when my granddaughter was small and someone ask to see her necklace which had slipped inside the top of her dress. She lifted up the skirt of her dress untill it showed the necklace on her chest. So funny!!

What I Did Today said...

Hahahahaha! Awesome post. Probably a good thing your husband warned Mica to keep his underwear excitement to himself. **laugh**


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