Saturday, February 18, 2012

Painful Tears

At 2 AM Daddy woke up to crying. Mica just doesn't cry a lot. He's been sick with a cold. Well it was Mica that was crying. He said that his left ear hurt really bad. Daddy gave him some ibuprofen, cuddled with him and went back to bed.

Mica woke up in the morning complaining about his ear again. Daddy called the doctor's office, which is open from 10 to 12 on Saturdays. The nurse said to go in. I took him across town and the nurse at the desk said that we would have to make an appointment for later that morning.

We killed some time going to Build a Bear. The boys enjoyed it. We ate. Then were on our way back to the doctor's office.

Mica was in pain by that time. He was cuddling with me, and laid down when he got into the doctor's office. His lymph nodes are swollen, his left ear is super infected, he's whiter then usual, more emotional then usual and he's sleepy. The doctor put him on antibiotics and ear drops because his ear was so red.

The image Mica drew for the doc. It's a future drawing of himself.
We drove back across town, stopped to pick up his meds, had a 15 min wait and left with only his antibiotics. The nurse forgot to call in his drops. Mica was crying the whole 15 min and all the way home because he was in so much pain. It was too early to give him ibuprofen. He drifted off to sleep the moment we got home. I gave him his antibiotic, it was then time for his ibuprofen and I put a warm pack on his ear. His drops did come in. I didn't want to leave with a boy in pain. Daddy saved the day by leaving work to go get his drops.

Mica's been sleeping all afternoon. Poor kid! This could be part of why he was overly emotional the other night, or he could of just been tired.

A lot went wrong today. I am grateful that the boys have a doctor's office that is open Saturday mornings. I'm also grateful for Urgent Care.


Anonymous said...

Awww. I hope he feels better soon. Ear pain is horrible.

Eat To Live said...

Ear aches can be the worst.. I hope he starts feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Poor Mica. I hope he feels better sooner rather than later. G has one as well but she had a really bad head cold before it.

Liz Mays said...

That pain is really awful, and especially when you lie down. I'm glad he got some medicine!

Lindsay said...

Poor Micah! Hope he feels better soon.


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