Thursday, February 2, 2012


So today I'm waiting! The boy's cousin/my nephew Emerson is having jaw surgery today. It makes me shiver to think about the pain.

Before I forget to mention, I read a wonderful article written by a mom that has a baby with Trisomy 18.  Many people do not know what it is, so I'm just spreading the word. It's what little Emerson has. Rick Santorum's daughter Isabella has Trisomy 18 as well.

I stole this photo from my sister! Yep Emerson got his first tooth last week!

Emerson's jaw surgery makes me sad, anxious, worried, yet happy that it will help him. I'm all mixed up emotionally.

I felt mental pain when it came to my cousin Megan getting bone cut our of her skull because she needed more of a soft spot for her head to grow (she's now in high school doing just fine), my Mom getting her ankle fused because she had Post Polio problems (she isn't fine, but is better off with the surgery), my Aunt Becky, Uncle George, Father-in-law getting total knee replacements (they seem to be doing ok now). Every family has their things, and I'm no exception!

I know I'll be feeling the anxiety when my Dad gets Atrial Fibrillation Ablation surgery on his heart later this month!

Let's just say there is a lot going on and I don't like it.

I keep trying to think about the fact that Emerson wouldn't be getting this surgery if the doctor's didn't think this is the best thing for him. They are hoping in time with this surgery little Emerson will be able to breathe better, choke less, swallow and possibly eat. All those this are good! His lower jaw is just too small to do all those things effectively.

With my Dad, well his Atrial Fibrillation Ablation will help him to not take meds with nasty side effects! Hopefully it will help him to have less acid reflex problems and it will work, unlike the meds do now! Having a fibrillation problem in the heart is pretty normal. My Dad has suffered with it for years and it just seems to to of gotten worse.

So if I had a wine glass, cheers to healing, strength and future happiness! (Up goes my glass of water and drink).

I guess little Emerson smiled a lot yesterday for the nurses. Maybe I should be smiling to. :)

Instead of flowers and/or balloon I got him a little lamb that plays soothing sounds.

Cloud B Sleep Sheep
Image found here. Except I got Emerson's at Whole Foods for half the price: $14.99.


Eat To Live said...

Poor little Emerson has had all kinds of problem. I feel sad just thinking of the little guy coming into a world of pain. Hopefully one day he will be well and running around with your boys.

jayedee said...

his first tooth! how awesome is that? those first weeks almost seem surreal to me now...i love reading about his milestones and cannot imagine how ya'll must feel!
i wonder if he'll ever fully realize how many lives he's blessed and in how many ways?

~ Noelle said...

I was just thinking about yall...
I know the other boys will love this weekend to play with yall :)
Praying for Emerson... He is getting so big :) HUGS

Anonymous said...

Saying many prayers and hope it helps him! Those lambs are adorable:)

Lindsay said...

Poor little baby!! :(


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