Sunday, March 4, 2012

Drama in the Classroom

You wouldn't believe the drama I've dealt with last week! It's really silly that college students just can't be respectful of each other! I'd say the majority of the time I love my students! I really have little problems with them. Then there's one time a year that I just want to pull my hair out. That's this time. HA!

A group of girls got along with each other. Then there was conflict. One girl doesn't drink or party, and she got thrown out of the group. Good for her! I think. Well things got worse. Much more drama took place. Once I brought it up to a higher up, they were called in to be talked to. Then they were friends once again.

We had a drug issue with another situation. Nothing could be done because it was an issue outside the school.

There was also a harassment issue. The one(s) that harass rarely think they are in the wrong. Then the one that was harassed feels guilty, like they did something to bring it on.

There were a few more situations. Craziness!


Eat To Live said...

Oh Geeze.... sounds like you do a lot of parenting (babysitting) at school. Too bad you can't give them a good spanking.... LOL

Saru Singhal said...

Seriously, what's wrong with kids these days?

~ Noelle said...

stuff like that is why i worry about broxton starting school...


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