Friday, March 9, 2012

Midterms Are Done!

I'm so happy! Today is the end of midterms! You know what's even better? I have 98% of my grading DONE! That hardly happens. My whole week has been devoted to grading. Everyone is doing fairly well in two of my classes. The other one, I'd like for their scores to be higher. I have to decide if I want to add points to EVERYONE'S midterms in that class, or not. That's a decision for Monday. They generally don't do as well in that class because:

A) It's on Friday. Many take off to go home for random reasons.
B) On the exam I ask a lot of dates and name questions. Artists and facts like that generally don't do well together. It's an illustration course so I ask about stock art, copyright information, the history of illustration and talk about illustrator's themselves. I'd talk about techniques, but I have a class first semester called Art Media Techniques.
C) The Education Director thought I should have the midterm and final exams weighted more. I never had tests in my hands on classes when I was in school. I also didn't have lectures either. I weighted the exam more. Now it's hurting them more. What's a teacher to do?

I'm not a fan of scaling exams. I believe that if I'm going to add points, they should get added across the board. That means if a student did really well, good for them! I don't want to discourage their efforts! They deserve extra if everyone else gets extra. 

I only had a few non-interested students this semester. That's pretty good considering each class size is around 50 students! I can't believe how many students on average change their minds for a major. Here they can't. It's illustration, design, web, advertising period. If they decide not to go into that type of art, we've pretty much lost them.

Last night Daddy and I got to go out. We went to the The Creative Institute. It's a newish nonprofit organization that's geared towards helping artists in the area. We got to talk to other artists about what we think they should incorporate on their website. It was pretty fun. I liked being able to have adult conversation without little voices jumping in.

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Eat To Live said...

Adult conversations can be wonderful when there are no little ears listening to everything that is said.

When my Daughter was growing up, she was always around and heard everything that was going on. She is a very balanced person today, but I am not so sure I would do things the same way today.


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