Sunday, March 4, 2012

Four Things I Fear

  1. Climbing Fences. One time I was around 8 or 9 I was climbing a fence and my shorts got stuck on the top of it! I had the most uncomfortable wedgie. It had to be the most hilarious scene to a person viewing me!
  2. Going Down Stairs. My sister (Aunt Angela to the boys) tried to push me down them as a joke when we were younger. She probably only did this a few times. Of course the crappy experiences stick in your mind. I still go down them, but I feel like I'm going to fall down sometimes.
  3. Escalators. Going up or down an escalator is probably worse than stairs for me. Think about it, the edges are sharp metal pieces. Falling down an escalator could possibly be deadly. I was holding my cousin Megan on one when she was a baby. I needed an extra hand, didn't have one and almost dropped her! A man behind me grabbed my shirt. Such a relief! Mica and Isaak like to go up and down escalators for fun. It freaks me out. I used to always find an elevator when the boys were babies. There is no way I'd travel with them on one of those things!
  4. Roller Coasters. I imagine the coaster just riding right on off the track. I've read that more accidents happen on theme park rides then what gets reported. YIKES! I have gone on them. I don't like being the DUD in the group. The whole time I was thinking, I can conquer this! In all actuality obscenities where coming out of my mouth. Yep words I don't normally say!
I do like some adventurous type things. I like to climb, go on hikes, water slides, alpine slides, boat rides, ferris wheels and bumper cars are fun. I know ferris wheels can get stuck. At least if that broke, worse case scenario I'd be sitting at the top for a long while. The seat can't drive off like a roller coaster can.

What fears do you have?

I often wonder what Mica and Isaak are afraid of? We haven't been on too many rides. Isaak was scared of water slides a few years ago. He was little though! Mica likes the ferris wheel and water slides.

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~ Noelle said...

i have a fear of falling...
not of heights, but of falling


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