Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kansas City

On Friday I went to Kansas City with my students:

I wasn't totally alone. One other teacher went with me. We didn't loose anybody. Well one stayed in KC because his family lives there. We made sure he had a ride before we left.

We went to an ad agency called VML and to the Nelson Atkins Museum

I really liked this piece:

It seemed to tell a story.

Overall we had a whole lot of fun.

We took a coach style bus, so it's not like we roughed it too much.

I did find out later in the day that Mica was sick. I called Grandma and Grandpa to check on the kids and Mica threw up. It must of been a short term thing because at dinner time he was perfectly fine. Daddy even took the boys swimming. He waited until 7:30 when the pool opened up to make sure Mica was ok. He was. Of course when the lady at the Y checked Daddy and the boys in, Mica had to say, "I threw up today!" Kids have to let out all their information! Daddy would not of taken him swimming if he had issues, but he seemed perfectly fine. He was fine.


~ Noelle said...

isnt it funny how they have to tell EVERYTHING?

I think i told you this before... but there is a place in KC (overland park?) called nick and jakes... it is the place that a couple of friends of mine own... you should check it out :)

Amy said...

Im from KC and I have never been to the Nelson... shameful, right!?!?! But I've been to nick and James, the place the other commentor mentioned and its delish. :)


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