Sunday, March 25, 2012


Summer is the new spring around here. It's been shorts weather.

I decided it was a good day to go to the park. The one we went to is in our neighborhood, but also a ways a way. I packed up PBJ's, carrots, clementines, water and off we went.

Isaak said a handful of times, "Mommy why can't we just drive instead of walk? It's so far..." We walked anyhow.

We ate lunch and then the boys played.

Mica saw a few girls close to his age. He struck a conversation with them. They seemed to like him back. Mica thought the two girls were sister's. They said, "We're not sisters! We're BFF's." Of course Mica has no clue that BFF stands for Best Friends Forever.

A boy that was just about to turn three kept following Isaak around. Isaak kept saying to me, "Mommy this boy keeps following me." Then he'd move away. Isaak's pretty anti social with strangers. At preschool I guess he's just fine with being social.

Then I came home and made these dirt cookies for Isaak's preschool:

See how to make them on one of my other blogs here.


Eat To Live said...

Would you look at that tongue!! Cute picture.

The cookies look great! What a cool idea.

Lindsay said...

Great shot of him on the swing!! Those cookies look too cool to eat!

Liz Mays said...

Those cookies are cute!

My kids didn't like kids following them either! My son had nightmares about this one girl in kindergarten!

~ Noelle said...

cute cookies... and love the swing picture :)

Unknown said...

Those cookies are cute!


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