Friday, March 30, 2012

Tonight Went Better Then Expected

Daddy worked at the gallery tonight. It's generally pretty hectic when I have to go pick up Mica, go pick up Isaak, come home and make dinner and then get everyone ready for swimming (if everything works out).

Mica was pretty excited to see me when I picked him up. I love how he greats me with a gigantic hug.

Then when we went to go get Isaak at Grandma and Grandpa's, Isaak was playing in the driveway with a little shovel and a beetle. That boy is fascinated with bugs!

Grandma Spiehs had cookies for the boys and I asked Isaak if he'd share with me? He actually did.

When we got home I had all kinds of things going on the stove and in the oven: Chicken that I marinaded, sweet potato, steamed broccoli and one ear of corn that we split. 

Usually during dinner time the boys are pretty needy. Tonight was different. Isaak played with the USA Melissa and Doug puzzle.

Isaak brought in the Nebraska piece and said, "Is this where we live Mommy?" I said, "Yep." He said, "No! We live on insert address here!" I said, "Yes that is our address. Our city is Omaha and our state is Nebraska." He said, "Oh."

Then he brought me the New York piece and said, "Mommy this is where the Ghost Busters live!" I didn't try and dispute that one. I just sort of nodded my head and said, "Yep." It had the statue of liberty on the piece; that was in the movie.

The boys loved dinner. Mica asked for more chicken.

Everyone got ready to go swimming with little chaos. I think Isaak got the point that he needs to get ready for now on. Once we made him sit out of the pool because he wouldn't get ready.

We got to the pool. It was then that I realized Isaak's trunks were on backwards. At least he tried! The pool was cold and packed. We didn't swim for a very long time.

In the car Mica said, "Well in China it's getting light right about now." Isaak said, "I don't understand what you are saying Mica." Mica said, "Well in China it's getting light right about now." Isaak said, "Mica I heard what you said! I just don't understand what you are saying." Mica said, "When we get home I'll show you where China is on the globe." Sure enough we got home and Mica showed Isaak the globe; where we live and where China is. Isaak said, "Thank you for showing me Mica."

I'm hoping Isaak's changing stages from the trying threes to the fantastic fours. I told them I was very impressed with their behavior!  


Eat To Live said...

It is so great when a plan works out!!

Maybe they are growing up and things will start to go smoother most times. Cross your fingers!

Amy said...

Ghost busters ... hahahahah. That's awesome. I too am anixous to leave the trials of three year old attitude and move onto fours. He doesn't turn four til october, but I hope the transition starts sooner!

~ Noelle said...

broxton has been in a funk lately... i wish our plans would work out :)


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